Post (Post traumatic stress disorder)

Tags (Dog tags)

I went to film school for editing, to learn final cut for the documentary I shot in Rio. In the process, I picked up a Panasonic 24p and wrote a short story about a broken man. I didn’t get why he was broken, until I witnessed an interview of a soldier coming home from the war in Iraq. The soldier couldn’t speak.

Finally, I understood why my character was broken. He had post traumatic stress disorder.

I cast the characters with some classmates from when I trained with William Esper.

I used the equipment from NYFA, had city permits to shoot in NYC, but it’s $4 million insurance to shoot in the subways , I did anyway!!!I shot POSTTAGS in 2days for school, to my surprise it was screened in The ROME International film festival and The Queens international film festival! Was great to give back to the actors and talent that worked to make this film possible.

Like Ridley Scott would say…JUST DO IT!!!