An ongoing storytelling series to celebrate theater and storytelling

An evening of Storytelling is a fully produced hour and a half to two hour show.

It includes music, singing and stories, with a director, musical director, house band, guest singers and guest storytellers.

Our host introduces the night’s storytelling theme which guides the narrative of the evening.

On some storytelling nights audience members can participate as well, adding their names to be drawn at random by the host and invited onto the storytelling stage. We end the night with a closing musical number.

“Storytelling” is best suited for an intimate performance venue. It incorporates the elements of both a variety show and a literary salon while fostering discussions on a theme.

Elements are both scripted and improvised, meaning each performance is entirely unique.

History of Storytelling

Ava Lee Scott produced four storytelling shows at The McKittrick Hotel, home of the off Broadway show Sleep No More.



co-produced with Andrea Ciannavei

“Girl be Heard”

stories about sex trafficking

“Cinderella Syndrome”

co-produced with Adrienne Katz

Proceeds were donated to “The Dream Yard” organization in memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was a board member.

The Dream Yard is a non for profit organization bringing art programs to youths in the Bronx.